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Current Bookworks & Projects:

The Mhandrake Chronicles by Roberto Mendoza

The Mhandrake Chronicles
Coming soon to a broom closet near you...

Once upon a time, there was a wicked witch who wasn't. One could say that was simply because her green just wasn't exactly the same shade as all the others in her family. It seemed to be just a little bolder, and a little brighter. She decided one day, for whatever the reason, to change her story and rewrite its ending to her own liking. Her world, however, would never ever be quite the same again when the full telling of it was done. Divider

Self-Published Works:
"Starlight Starbright" was created primarily to be a marketing tool to help promote my "Starlight Zodiac" series, but the process of putting this book together from start to finish reignited the desire to write professionally.

Starlight Starbright by Roberto Mendoza

Starlight Starbright
©2012 ~ 40 Pages
ISBN-10: 1478336099 |
ISBN-13: 978-1478336099

The power of the Zodiac has influenced the destinies of woman and man, since the first starlight twinkle shone down upon a stilled and silent Earth. Artist and author, Roberto Mendoza proudly presents his own series of original Zodiac designs coupled with a little gentle wisdom to help illuminate the way for all those seeking guidance from the heavens above. Divider

Fan-Fiction (Free Downloads):
The following three short stories are freely provided for your amusement. It's no coincidence that each evolved from a role-playing game (RPG) in one form or another. I am a geek after all, and have always proudly embraced my "nerditude".

The Madness by Roberto Mendoza

The Madness
Vampire: The Masquerade Fan Fiction

©1997 ~ 26 Pages

The Madness” is the macabre and intimate character journal of Dr. Jonathon Jacobz, a brilliant psychotherapist with certain Malkavian tendencies.


A Lord of Sorrows by Roberto Mendoza

A Lord of Sorrows
Champions Fan Fiction
Excerpts provided by Mabelyn Arteaga & Marc Yelverton
©2006 ~ 25 Pages
May contain adult language and subject matter.

Omar Yanarae was first introduced into Marc Yelverton's Gameverse as a suave and beguiling dethroned demon prince. Throughout his many adventures, however, Omar proved to be a timeless and mercurial entity capable of taking on as many forms as he wished or required.

The Red Lady Diaries by Roberto Mendoza

The Red Lady Diaries
Star Wars® Galaxies™ Fan Fiction
©2008 ~ 90 Pages
May contain adult language and subject matter.

Star Wars® Galaxies™ consumed just over two years of my life (almost daily in fact), but unfortunately, it is the nature of all good things to come to an end. Clumsy redesigns and patches, a billion Jedi suddenly running around everywhere, and the more-than-occasional, ill-mannered and/or manipulative power-hungry player ended my delight with a galaxy far far away. However, my time spent among the stars produced "The Red Lady Diaries", the humble tale of a not so humble tailor.

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Journals & Blogs 1994-2002:
While attending The School of Visual Arts (SVA), I fell in love with an elective called simply enough, "Journal". At the time, it was being instructed by the author, Ann Rower. The links below feature unedited excerpts from three out of the four journals I had kept while enrolled in that class. The 4th journal, unfortunately, seems to have been lost. During the 2010 redesign of, I seriously debated whether or not these old journal excerpts would (or should) continue to be a part of this website. Despite their occasionally crude, or oddly foolish and disjunct entries, I decided to keep them. Removing them would be denying the journey of the young man, who at the time, was so desperate to find his voice. Therefore, please be advised that the journals do contain adult language and subject matter.

Moments by Roberto Mendoza

©2008 ~ 153 Pages
May contain adult language and subject matter.

Moments is a unique autobiographical blogumentary archiving over twenty years of poems and short stories alongside many of my private journal and blog entries.


Bonepurge by Roberto Mendoza

©2002 ~ 38 Pages
May contain adult language and subject matter.

Bonepurge was an experimental writing exercise. Thirteen days. One hour out of each day. Just sit and write. Provide no details or events of the day, but rather... just focus on a single topic, or thought that may have stood out in particular. No editing. No censorship. Just let the river flow...

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